This Way Out! A Roadmap to Business Transition

Over the next decade it is predicted that 20 million privately owned businesses are going to come up for sale in the western economies. By any level of estimates this is a major economic consequence requiring detailed transition planning. Given that the majority of SME business owners are part of this ageing 'baby boomer' population, [...]

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Court Approves landmark Personal Insolvency Arrangement

Circuit Court approves Personal Insolvency Arrangement on unanimous approval at Creditors Meeting. The confirmation by the Circuit Court of a PIA with total unsecured creditors of €1.98M would appear to be the first major PIA that the banks have agreed to and did not opt to use their veto. The PIA was put together by Jim Stafford of Friel Stafford. The [...]

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Charlie O’Hurley appointed as Liquidator of J.K.O’Connor (Emporium) Ltd.

Charlie O’Hurley appointed as Liquidator of J.K.O’Connor (Emporium) Ltd. The Company operated a Gents & Boys outfitter in Castleisland, Co Kerry for 34 years with the business having operated in family ownership for several generations prior to incorporation. The Landmark Premises, as shown on the Company web site , from which the business operated [...]

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