Working Capital Management

Working Capital Management is the lifeblood of business, and the most common problem in small to medium sized businesses is the under capitalisation of the business by the shortage of equity. This problem can be reduced significantly, especially in fast growing business, by way of invoice discounting which can release up to 80% of invoices immediately on delivery of goods. Unexpected problems such as a customers experiencing trading difficulties, the business itself experiencing a sharp reduction in profitability or management of a disposal of an unprofitable division can require the short term project management of working capital by an experienced consultant and our consultants have vast experience of acting on such assignments.

Further benefits of aggressive working capital management are:

  • better purchasing prices
  • availability of trade discounts
  • timely delivery of materials and services
  • availability of materials and early completion of projects especially in infrastructure type projects where early completion can avail of significant overhead savings on management and other resources.

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